Marden is fortunate enough to have over 17 miles of public rights of way throughout the Parish (Bodenham have 11 miles, Sutton St. Nicholas have 9 miles and Moreton on Lugg just 1.5 miles) 

Our Parish Footpaths Officer (PFO) Sally Postlethwaite is a volunteer for Balfour Beatty and Herefordshire Council,  she and other volunteers regularly walk Mardens footpaths and bridleways to check their accessibility and condition, she then liaises the Parish Council so that repairs and improvements to the PROW can be made either by the landowner or the Parish Council.

Sally is doing an amazing job, and our PROW are for the most part in great shape but with such a big Parish she can’t walk every path as often as she’d like. You can help by reporting any problems you find with PROW to Sally either by email or by phone 01432 880764or online to Herefordshire Council

Prow Map

Circular Walks

Maps and guided walk descriptions coming soon