Marden Links Virtual Hub

Marden Links Hub is part of the Herefordshire Talk Community. This offers an information signposting function as well as more practical hands on support. There are Hubs located all across Herefordshire. They provide a safe place where people can access up to date wellbeing information and signposting to local and national resources. They also connect people to services, groups and activities, either within the local area or across the county, which can help them support their own wellbeing and independence.

Marden Links aims to help residents stay up to date and connected to the local Marden community, through our friendly information service. Initially, through our community website and social media accounts, to help you quickly find the information, advice or support you may need, or to be clearly signposted elsewhere. We are also developing a printed information and support booklet for those without access to, or who feel less comfortable with technology. This will mirror the content found on the community website and will run alongside the existing Marden Community Guide.

Eventually we plan to offer in person drop-in sessions with our trained volunteers. They will be available to support you with finding information and activities, and help you with using a computer if you so wish, or simply be available for a coffee, chat and company.

We also hold a list of volunteers who may be able to help out with more practical help, running errands etc.

To find out more or to get in touch, please email: we will be pleased to hear from you.