Neighbourhood Development Plan

Neighbourhood Development Plans are a new part of the statutory
development planning system. Local authorities, such as Herefordshire,
can produce development plans to promote, guide and control
development of houses, businesses, open spaces and other uses of land.
Parish Councils can now as well, by preparing a Neighbourhood
Development Plan.

Herefordshire Council have identified Marden is a prime location for future housing development along with neighbouring Moreton on Lugg. In order that development is controlled, sustainable and acceptable to existing residents it is vital that we have a say on how the proposals are progressed and delivered.

Marden Parish Council has been successful to date with the current NDP and is now in the process of updating the plan.

They welcome new volunteers to the NDP committee the more parishioner involved in this very important venture the better.

Please contact the Parish Clerk for further information and details of the meetings. see the the Marden Parish Council NDP web page

or contact the clerk

Jeremy Stephens,


Phone: 07856 282037

Address: 83 Walkers Green, Marden, HR1 3EA